Duty Free Allowances

  • Visitors are normally allowed for an exemption of Customs duties on personal belongings such as clothing, cosmetics and gifts up to a value of US$ 250/- and 1 1/2 lit. of liquor and 2 bottles of wine
  • Sri lankan residents are entitled for an annual allowance according to the stay abroad as per the following table. items allowed under these allowances normally include personal clothing, electrical/ electronic house hold equipment (Other than restricted and prohibited items) and 2 ½ lit. of liquor and 2 lit. of wine.

Stay abroad
Value of items brought from abroad
Value of items purchased at duty free shops
Less than 90 days US$ 125 US$ 125
Between 90 to 365 days US$ 500 US$ 625
More than 365 days US$ 1000 US$ 1750