Arrival Procedures

General Information About Immigration Clearance

*If you are not a Sri Lankan national, you are required to fill out a Disembarkation Card & hand it over at the Immigration counter - For more info:

Proceed to the Immigration counter and present your Travel Document.

Await the Immigration Officer to stamp your Travel Document.

NOTE: If you are experiencing Diarrhea, Fever or feeling unwell, proceed to the Health Inspector's Room.

Baggage Claim

Walk through the Duty Free Shopping area and down the escalator to reach the Baggage Claim area. For more info:

Your Baggage Belt is displayed on the Flight Information Screens.

Retrieve your baggage from the carousal, check the Baggage Tags to confirm the ownership.

NOTE: If you are bringing in any plants or animals to the country, contact the Plant & Animal Quarantine staff.

Customs Clearance

You may do shopping at the Duty-Free shopping area before proceeding for the Customs inspection. For more info:

Go through the Customs inspection. Declare all your currency, valuable equipment, jewellery and gems. If you have nothing to declare you can go through the Green Channel

Your Way Out

Walk into the Arrival Lobby area where you will find Currency Exchange, Travel, Hotel and Telecommunication services.