Baggage Services

Lost or Damaged Baggage

If you happen to lose an item at the airport, you should firstly contact the relevant airline you are/were travelling with. It is strongly recommended that all travellers take up an appropriate travel insurance to cover any such losses that can occur as part of their journey.

If you have an enquiry about a lost or found item, here's what you can do:

Items Lost at Airport Terminal

  • (Tel. 011 225 2861 Ex 3813) Inquiries about lost baggage should be directed either to information desk or to the airline office.
  • Please proceed to the nearest information counter and the personnel on duty will assist you further.
  • Alternatively, you could use the online customer feedback form or email

Baggage Storage

There are two categories of baggage storage at BIA.

  • Bond Baggage Service - Valuable items and any other item which you need not take into the country could be stored subject to customs clearance at Bond Baggage counter located in the customs area in front of baggage belt No. 04. On your departure, baggage could be collected at the Departure Lobby Information Counter.
    Bond Baggage Fee : USD 30/- per piece of luggage for a 24 hour period or part thereof.
  • Left Luggage Service - Except perishable items, food items etc. could be stored at the left luggage counter located in the departure outer porch. Both counters are opened round the clock.
    Left Luggage fee :
    - USD 6 or equivalent amount in LKR at the BOC selling rate per piece of regular sized luggage (23kg or less) for 24 hour period or part thereof.
    - USD 8 or equivalent LKR at BOC selling rate per piece of oversized luggage(more than 23kg in weight or more than 3ft in length) for 24 hour period or part thereof.
    - One time non-refundable fee of USD 3 or equivalent amount in LKR at BOC selling rate per piece of baggage at the time of acceptance of left luggage service.