• You are entitled to take out what you have declared and brought into the Country and whatever you have purchased locally like Gems, Jewellery and Sri Lankan products out of the funds brought in and declared to CUSTOMS on your arrival.
  • 10 kilos of SRI LANKA TEA duty free.
  • Foreign Currency declared and brought into the country. Unused Sri Lankan currency should be reconverted to Foreign Currency at departure.

  Not Permitted

  • All currencies in excess of your declared amounts on arrival.
  • Any Gems and Jewellery or valuable equipment not declared on arrival or NOT PURCHASED in Sri Lanka out of Funds declared and brought into the Country.
  • Gold (Crude, Bullion, or Coins)
  • Sri Lankan Currency in excess of Rs. 250/-
  • Firearms, explosives and dangerous weapons.
  • Antiques, statues, treasures, old books, etc.
  • Animals, birds and reptiles and their parts (dead or alive)
  • Tea, Rubber and Coconut Plants.
  • Dangerous drugs

Baggage Storage

There are two categories of baggage storage at BIA.

  • Gas canisters, camping gas stoves,
  • Pressurised containers, aerosols (excluding perfumes, toiletries & medication)
  • Corrosive products, oxidising agents, irritants, toxic products, acids, damp batteries, paint, etc.,
  • Explosives (ammunition, bangers, fireworks, rockets, etc.), Inflammable products (fuel, petrol, etc.)
  • Radioactive or magnetic substances.
  • Firearms, Knives, scissors, modelling knives, razors, etc.
  • Self-defence aerosols, Aerosols (perfumes, toiletries, medication) over 100ml
  • Pointed weapons with sharp edges, blunt instruments such as truncheons, heavy or pointed sticks, Any object that could be used as an offensive weapon such as a pistol, an ice-axe, etc. Any toy or item that looks like any of the above-mentioned, or is of a nature likely to arouse fear.
  • Cannot be used during preparation for take-off, take-off and landing: portable computer, video camera, electric razor, radio, TV, Walkman.
  • Cannot be used during the whole flight: cell phone, CB radio, walkie-talkie, remote control.

If you have any doubts, ask your airline before you pack.