Departure Procedures

General Information About Security & Customs Clearance

Arrive at the Airport at least 3 hours before the time of departure since there may be long queues depending on the time of day.

NOTE: If you are a Sri Lankan national leaving abroad for employment, you are required to fulfill SLBFE requirements - For more info:

Walk into the Departure Lobby & ascertain whether the Check-In counters for your flight are open.

You may use the Self Check-In kiosks in the Lobby to obtain your Boarding Pass. If you have any hold luggage, you may still need to drop them off at the Check-In counter - Please visit: Baggage for more info

Once the Check-In counters are open, go through the Security & Customs inspections to enter the Check-In area. You are entitled to take out what you have declared and brought into the Country and whatever you have purchased locally like gems, jewellery and Sri Lankan products out of the funds brought in and declared to Customs on your arrival - For more info:, Aviation Security

Check In

Check the Information Display Screens to find your Check-In counter.

Proceed to the Check-In counter & present your Airline Ticket & Travel Document for inspection.

Hand over your hold luggage to the counter and receive your Boarding Pass & Baggage Tags.

Emigration Clearance

NOTE: If you are a Sri Lankan national, you are required to fill out an Embarkation Card & hand it over at the Emigration counter - For more info:

Proceed to the Emigration Counter.

Present your Boarding Pass & Travel Document here.

Await the Emigration Officer to stamp your Travel Document.

Proceed to Boarding Gate

Allow yourself plenty of time to reach the Boarding Gate. You may do shopping/dining or relax in our exclusive lounges until the "Gate Open" announcement is made.

Please confirm the boarding time and boarding gate on your boarding pass.

You may find out your Boarding Gate from your Boarding Pass. Please pay attention to announcements and the Flight Information Screens in case of sudden changes.


Go through the final Security check at the entrance to the Boarding Gate.

Once the Security check is complete, walk into the Boarding Gate and present your Boarding Pass to the Ground Handling/Airline staff at the counter.

Retain securely with you, the Passenger Portion of your Boarding Pass that is returned to you.

Wait for Boarding to begin and follow the Ground Handling/Airline's staff's instructions.