Sri Lanka’s newest and most advance airport to date, the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport has the ability to facilitate A380 flights due to the construction of 3500 meter runway which is 60 meters wide with 7.5 meter paved shoulders on either side. This runaway is able to accommodate code 4F Aircrafts.

Quick Facts:

  • The runway has been assigned the numbers 05 and 23
  • It also has a runway safety area at two ends of the runway
  • The runway is declared a code F from the ICAO, which allows Airbus A380-800 aircrafts to use it.
  • The air traffic control tower is constructed at the highest elevation of the aerodrome (55 meters AMSL) and is built at a height of 41 meters
  • There is a Stub Taxiway of 370m in length and 60m in width and an Apron with 10 parking positions
    • Taxiway Alpha (Code F) Dimension: 360 meters x 60 meters
    • Taxiway Bravo (Code C) Dimension: 362.5 meters x 25 meters
    • ICAO category 1 Precision Approach lightings, ICAO category 1 ILS with DVOR and DME to enhance aviation safety
    • The Apron covers an area of 73,500 square meters
    • Fire fighting facility has been put in place for fire and rescue operational, catering to ICAO category 10