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Following is a list of legislation in force in Sri Lanka , which is relevant to Civil Aviation Operations. 

 (i)   Air Navigation (Special Provisions) Act Nr 55 of 1992.

 (ii)   Air Navigation Regulations of 1955 as amended.

 (iii)   Rome convention Act Nr.17 of  1955.

             (iv)   Offences against aircraft Act   NR.24 of 1982.

             (v)   Plant Protection Act Nr.35 of 1999.

             (vi)  Suppression of Unlawful Act of Violence at Airports Serving International Civil Aviation Act Nr. 31 of 1996.

             (vii)  Establishment of Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka Act Nr 34 of 2002.



             (viii)  Finance Act Nr. 25 of 2003.

             (ix)  Civil Aviation Act Nr. 14 of 2010.

             (x)  Government Extraordinary gazzette Nr.1742/19 dated 25th January 2012

             (xi)  Implementing Standards :

                SN. 001 -  General

                SN. 002- Flight Safety Documents System.

                SN. 003 -Units of Measurements to be used in Air and ground Operations

                SN. 004 - Recognition of Licences andCertificates issued for aircraft operating under

                              Article 83 bis Agreements.

                SN. 005 - Exemptions from the application of requirements.

                SN. 006 - Aviation Occurrence Reporting System.

                SN. 007 - Compliance to Annex 9 - Facilitation.

                SN. 008 - General Provisions and Requirements and Procedures to render valid  Foreign Flight Crew Licence and             Ratings and to Covert a Foreign Licence and Ratings into a Sri Lankan Flight Crew Licence and Ratings.

SN. 009 - Compliance to Annex 18 - The Safe Transport of Dangerous  Goods by Air.

SN. 010 - Flight Simulator & Qualification.

SN. 011 - Compliance to Annex 6 Part i- Chapter 1 - Definitions.

SN. 012 - Compliance to Annex 6 -Part i- Chapter 3 - General Requirements.

SN. 013 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 4 - Flight Operations.

SN. 014 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 5 - Aeroplane Performance Operating Limitations.

SN. 015 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 6 - Aeroplane Instruments,

               Equipment and Flight documents.


SN. 016 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 7 -

               Requirements for Aircraft Communication and Navigation Equipment.

SN. 017 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 8 - Aircraft Maintenance.

SN. 018 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i Chapter 9 - Aeroplane Flight Crew.

SN. 019 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 1-

               Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher.

SN. 020 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 11 - Manuals Logs & Records.

SN. 021 - Conformance to annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 12 - Cabin Crew.

SN. 022 - Compliance to Annex 6 - Part i - Chapter 13 - Security.

SN. 023 - Compliance to annex 6 - Part i - International General Aviation - Aeroplanes.

SN. 024  -  Performance Based Navigation

SN. 025 - Compliance to Annex 11- Air Traffic Services

SN. 026 - Compliance to Annex 2 - Rules of the Air

SN. 027 - Electronic Flight Bag

SN.028 - Compliance to Annex 15 - Aeronautical Information Services

SN.029 - Compliance to Annex 12 - Search and Rescue Services.

SN.030 - Aerodrome Standards in SriLanka

SN.031 - Compliance to Annex 4 - CAASLStandards on Aeronautical Charts.

SN.032 - Criteria to Regulate the use of a Pavement by an Aircraft with ACN

                higher than the reported PCN (OverloadOperations).


SN.033 - Admission to Flight Crew Compartment.


SN.034 - Compliance to Annex 10 - Aeronautical Telecommunications (Volume i).


SN.035 - Prohibition of use of Alcohol or Psychoactive substances by personnel holding License,

              Rating or Certificates, engaged in safety and / or security sensitive activities

              relating to  civil aviation.


SN .036 - Personnel Licensing Medical Requirements.


SN .037 - Requirements to be Satisfied by the Aerodrome Operators for the Certification of Aerodromes in Sri Lanka.


SN .038 - Conformance to Annex 10 -Volume ii Aeronautical Telecommunication Procedures.


SN.039 - Conformance to Annex  10 - Aeronautical Telecommunications Volume iii (Part i) (Digital Data Communication Systems).


SN.040  - Conformance to Annex 10 - Aeronauctical Telecommunications Volume iii (Part ii) (Voice  Communication Systems).


SN.041   -  Heliport Standards in Sri Lanka.


SN.042   -  Conformance to Annex 3 - Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation.


SN.043   - Personnel Licensing Requirements - Licenses for Flight Navigators, Flight Engineers &

                Flight Radio - Telephone Operators - Compliance to Annex 01 - Chapter 03


SN.044   - Conformance to Annex 10 Aeronautical Telecommunications Volume v (Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization)


SN.045   -  Public Health Emergencies involving Operation of aircraft


SN.046   -  Requirements for issue of License for Ground Handling Arrangements, Facilities and / or - Services to Aircraft


SN.047  -  Conformance to Annex 10 Aeronautical Telecommunications Volume iv (Sureveilance and Collision  Avoidance Systems).


SN.048  - Personnel Licensing Requirements - Aeronautical Station - Operator Licence & Aeronautical -  Meteorological Personnel.Compliance to Annex 1- Chapter 4.


SN.049    -  Personnel Licensing Requirements - Flight Operations Officer/Flight dispatcher License.


SN.050   -  Personnel Licensing Requirements - Definitions and General Rules.


SN.051   -  Personnel Licensing Requirements - License and Rating for Pilots.


SN.052   -  Voluntary and Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting System.


SN.053   - Requirements for Operation of Pilotless Aircraft (Unmanned - Aerial Vehicles/ Unmanned Aircraft  Systems/ Remotely Piloted Aircraft/ Drones)


SN.054   -  Limitations on Flight Time, - Duty Periods and Rest Periods of Flight Crew Members and Cabin  Crew Members Conducting commercial operations.


SN.055   - Compliance to Annex 1 - Chapter 4,4.3 - 4.5 - Personnel Licensing Requirements - License and   Ratings for Air Traffic Controllers.


SN.056    -  Requirements to be satisfied by Aircraft Maintenance Organizations for Approval.


SN.057    -  Compliance to Annex 6 - Part (i) - Chapter 14 - Dangerous Goods.


SN.058    -  ICAO Annex 6 Part (i) - Operation of Aircraft International Air Transport - Aeroplanes


SN.059    -  ICAO Annex 6 Part (iii) - Operation of Aircraft International Operations - Helicopters


SN.060    -  Requirement for Facilities and Services to be Provided Aerodrome Operator


S.N.061   -  Certificate of Airworthiness for Export.


S.N.062   -  Continuing Air worthiness Requirements for EDTO.



S.N.063   -  Requirements for Calibration of Flight Data Recorders & Cockpit Voice Recorders.


SN.064    -  Automatic Dependent Surveilance Broadcast Out (ADS-B OUT) Operations


SN.065    -  Requirements to be satisfied by Maintenance Training Organization for Approval


SN.066    -  Personnel Licensing Requirements - Aircraft Maintenance Licence


SN.067    -  Requirements for Establishment,Operation and Maintenance of a Flying Training Organization.



SN.068    -  Specification for Personnel Licences.


SN.069    -  Issuance of Civil Pilot Licences on Recognition of Military Flying Experience.


(Remark  Implementing Standards S.N.070 pending publication)


SN.071  - Requirements for Maintenance of  Continuous Validity, Renewal and Re-activation of pilots licences

               (Aero plane, Helicopter, Powered-lift, Airship, Balloon and Glider) and ratings.


                   (Remark Implementing Standards S.N.072 to S.N.075 pending publication)

                   SN.076-Conduct of knowledge examination for issuance of pilot licences.

                   (Remark Implementing Standards S.N.077 to S.N.079 pending publication)

SN.080    - Requirements for Continuing Airworthiness


SN.081    - Aircraft Noise


SN.082    - Aircraf Engine Emissions


(Remark : SN Serial number 083 pending publication)


SN.084  - Common Technical Requirements and Administrative Procedures for the Airworthiness and  Environmental Certification of Products, Parts and Appliances ( Airworthiness Code of Sri Lanka)


SN.085  -    Mass and Balance requirements for Aircraft


SN.086  -    Aircraft Nationality & Registration Marks


SN.087  -   Requirements to be satisfied for the Certification of Air Navigation Service Providers:


(Remark : Implementing Standards S.N 088 to S.N.089 pending publication)


SN.090   -   Requirements for approval of instructors and training programs.


SN.091   -   Requirements and Guidelines for lease and charter operations  of  aircraft engaged in commercial Air Transport Operations.


SN.092   -   English Language proficiency Requirements for Radiotelephony Communication.


SN.093   -  Manned Hot Air Ballons.


SN.094   -  Airworthiness Directives (AD),Mandatory Modifications/Mandatory Inspections.


SN.095   -  Operations Derived Equipment Requirements.


It is essential that persons engaged in air operations in territory of Sri Lanka be acquinted with relevant regulations.


Copies of the above documents may be obtained from the Government Publications Bureau, 163, Polhengoda, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka. or downloaded from CAASL website ;


Sri Lanka is a party to the following international conventions:

            (i)  Convention on International Civil Aviation, Chicago07-12-1944.

            (ii)  International Air Services Transit Agreement, Chicago 07-12-1944.

 (iii) Convention for Unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air, Warsaw12-10-1929

 (iv) Protocol to amend the Warsaw Convention of 1929, The Hague28-09-1955.

 (v) Convention on offences and certain other acts committed on Board Aircraft, Tokyo, 14-09-1963.

 (vi) Convention for the suppression of unlawful seizure of aircraft, The Hague16-12-1970.

 (vii) Convention for the suppression of unlawful acts against Safety of Civil Aviation, Montreal23-09-1971.

(viii) Protocol for the Suppression of unlawful Acts of Violence of Airports serving International Civil Aviation,        supplementary to the convention for the suppression of unlawful Acts against safety of civilaviation

             (done at Montreal on 23-09-1971) , Montreal 24-02-1988.




     DGCA Sri Lanka shall render valid a Foreign Flight Crew Licence and ratings issued by another Contracting State by issuing a suitable authorization which is referred to as foreign licence validation certificate(FLVC),to be carried with the relevant foreign licence and ratings.

                                            This certificate will specify the acceptable privileges of the foreign licence and ratings.Validity period of FLVC will not be beyond the validity of the foreign licence and medical.

                                              Conditions to be satisfied,validity period,conditions to exercise the privileges,administrative ,assessments,verifications,requirements and procedures to be followed have been specified in Implementing Standard SN.008 which can be downloaded from CAASL official website

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