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The charges set out hereunder paragraph 2 are for the airports available for International operations.The charges for the domestic airports are detailed in paragraph 3.




Landing & Parking Charges.



         Every aircraft landing at KATUNAYAKE / Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo(VCBI), MATTALA / Mattala Rajapaksa Intl Airport (VCRI) and  RATMALANA / Colombo Intl. Airport Ratmalana (VCCC)   and Jaffna International Airport (VCCJ) shall pay the Landing and Parking charges based on the following criteria to the Airport & Aviation  Services (S.L)(Private) Ltd;


        (a)  International Flights:


              Landing Charges

              US$4/- per 1000kg of MTOW of aircraft or part thereof subject to a minimum charge of US$250/- per landing.

              Parking Charges;

              First 03 hours free. 10% of applicable landing charge for 06 hours or part thereof after first 03 hours.


        (b)   Domestic Flights including training Flights:


              Landing Charges;

              S.L Rs.300/- per 1000kg of MTOW of aircraft or part thereof subject to a minimum chargeof S.L Rs.3000/-

              per  landing.

              Parking Charges;

              First 03 hours free. 10% of applicable landing charge for 03 hours or part thereof after first 03 hours.




         i. Training flights are charged only in respect of the last landing of a training sortie based on the above formula.

ii. Any training flightbreaking-off on Final Approach of a Visual Approach or of an Instrument Approach
     Procedure, or carries-out 'Circuit and Landing ' (Touch-&-Go's) without a landing at the aerodrome

     will be considered as a single landing for the purpose of charging fees.

2 .1.2


2 .1.2.1

The payment of landing charges shall entitle an aircraft to :

         (a)    use of en-route air navigation and telecommunication services.

          (b)    use of the aerodrome for landing and take-off.

          (c)   use of radio navigation, visual navigation and other landing aids.

          (d)   use of facilities in the terminal building and

             (e)  use of the apron for parking of the aircraft free of charge for a period not exceeding three (03) hours.

2 .1.2.2                


           The parking charge payable for use of the apron in excess of first three (03) hours from the landing time shall
be ten percentum (10%) of the landing charge for every six (06) hours or part there of except when the
aircraft is detained for the purpose of inspectionby a Government Aircraft Inspector or due to such

other cause which in the opinion of the DGCA or any person authorized in writing by him, is not

attributable to the owner or the

2 .1.2.3

When an aircraft is parked otherwise than on the loading apron, the parking charge is payable for each complete period of twenty four (24) hours or part thereof provided that no charge will be levied in respect of first six (06) hours.

2 .1.3


The following aircraft shall be exempted from the payment of landing charges.

          (a) aircraft engaged in emergency, search and rescue and humanitarian purposes when providing a free service.

          (b) aircraft engaged in flight calibration of Navigational Aids & Radar  Systems.

          (c) aircraft returning due to technical or meteorological reasons.

          (d) test flights undertaken or performed during daylight with the prior approval of the DGCA.

              (Any flight taken solely for the purpose of ascertaining the serviceability in the air, of the aircraft or

               equipment shall be deemed to be a test flight)

          (e) aircraft of Heads of states on State visit.

          (f)  aircraft of the United Nations and its specialized agencies

         (g) aircraft of the Sri Lanka Air Force

         (h) such other aircraft as may be exempted by the DGCA.


And additionally:

   i. All training flights are exempted from minimum landing charge specified in paragraph 2.1.1 above.


Payment of Charges

      (a)    Except where prior arrangements for payment of charges on a monthly basis have been made, all landing

             and parking charges are payable to the DGCA or to a person authorized by him in writing. Landing and

             parking charges for international operations should be paid in United States Dollars (US$) or Pounds Sterling

             (£)in cash prior to the departure of an aircraft.

      (b)   Where any charges due in respect of an aircraft have not been paid, the Director General of Civil Aviation

             or any person authorized in writing by him may detain such aircraft until the payment of all dues.

      (c)   The Director General of Civil Aviation or his officers or agents of the state shall not be responsible for any

             loss, damage or deterioration caused to any aircraft or any part, component or accessory there of whether

             during custody, storage or otherwise.

      (d)    No reduction in landing charges is permissible by reason of non-availability of any of the aerodrome services

             or facilities referred to under paragraph above.

      (e)   Landing or Parking charges which remain unsettles for 59 days or more from the date of invoice shall be

             subject to a charge of 2% interest per month.


      The Airport and Aviation Services (SL) (Private)Ltd.,under the delegated authority by the Director General of Civil       Aviation,reserves the right to detain or impound an aircraft pending settlement of above fees and charges.


Aero-bridge Charges.



Aero-bridge charges shall be levied based on the aircraft category as set out in the table below:


Aircraft category

Base Charge

Additional charges

A320,A321, A20N A310,A318,A319, B727,B737,B738, B739,B757,IL62

US$ 100 For first 75 minutes

US$35 for next 15 minutes or fraction thereof

A300,A330, B767, B772, B787,B788, B789, B762, B763, IL86,IL96

US$125 for first 90 minutes

US$40 for next 15 minutes or fraction thereof.

A340,A350, A359, A380,B773,B77W, B77L,B747,DC10, MD11,L1011

US$150 for first 90 minutes.

US$50 for next 15 minutes or fraction thereof.



 a) Minimum charge per single operation will be as per Base charge specified in the above table.

 b) Allocation of Parking Bays will be done by the TWR. Unless for valid reason agreed by the TWR, it is

     mandatory for airlines to accept the allocated bay.

c) Depending on the operational requirements the TWR may request the airline to tow the aircraft away from

    the aerobridge to another bay and reposition the aircraft at a bridge bay for departure. Under such circumstances,

    it is mandatory that the airline makes necessary arrangement to tow the aircraft out and in. Unless for special

    reasons, the TWR would not make such request to tow out within 02 hours from the initial docking. The aircraft

    will be later allowed to be re-docked for operations. Charges on such cases will be as for a single operation

    calculated based on the total occupancy time of the aircraft kept docked at the bridge. In the event the airline fails

    to tow out the aircraft from aerobridge upon request by theTWR without justifiable reasons, aerobridge charges

    will be levied for the total period which it had occupied the bridge bay not withstanding the terms given in item

    e). below. In addition, a penalty which is equal to the total aerobridge charge will also be imposed.

d) The airline has the option to tow out bays.

e)  Aerobridge will be retracted and re-docked at any time on request by the airline. The charges will be

     calculated based on total occupancy time of the aircraft kept docked at the aerobridge,considering as a single

    operation. However, in such situations, US$ 25 will be levied as an additional operational charge. Use of step

    ladders in place of aerobridges is not permitted.

f)  Long lay over aircraft:

     If aerobridge is not required for any other operation, the TWR may decide to allow the aircraft to continue

     parking at the aerobridge to a maximum period of six (06) hours. Aerobridge may be retracted or continued to

    be docked based on the requirement of the airline.

            i. if the airline needs the aerobridge to be docked continuously, the charges will be calculated as specified in

            para 2.2.1 above.

           ii. if the airline needs to retract the aerobridge and re-docked, the charges will be as specified in  para 2.2.2,

            item e).


Exemptions and Reductions

   a). (10%) discount for Airlines  exceeding 50 Aerobridge Movements per fortnight.


   b). (5%) discount for Airlines  above 30 up to 49 Aerobridge Movements per fortnight.


Payment of Charges

a) The charges for a particular month should be settled in full on or before the last working day of subsequent month.

    Airline is required to produce a bank guarantee to cover charges accumulated during the credit period. Penalty rate

    for delayed payment is two per centum (2%) per month.

b) Credit period for Aerobridge invoice to 59 days from the date of the invoice.

c) Government taxes such as value Added tax (VAT) imposed by the government from time to time will have to be

    paid in addition to the Aero Bridge Charges.


Embarkation Charges



Each airline shall pay to the Director General of Civil Aviation Sri Lanka a sum of Sixty United States Dollars (US$60) as the Embarkation Levy in respect of each passenger carried by the airline from Sri Lanka on an international flight, unless such passenger is exempted from the payment of Embarkation Levy.

A sum of equivalent amount of Sixty United States Dollars(US $60) shall be calculated based on the exchange rates published by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in every first working day of the ending month of the previous quarter.

Sri Lankan Airlines is entrusted to collect embarkation levy from passengers who are leaving the country on all private aircraft/airlines and remit such collection to the Civil Aviation Authority (fortnightly depending on the need).



  (a)  Children under 2 years of age

 (b)    Any member of operating crew of the aircraft who is on duty.

 (c)  Any transit passenger who depart from the international  airport on a connecting flight within twenty four (24)        hours from the time of arrival.


The competent authority in all matters in relation to the charging embarkation levy from persons leaving Sri Lanka by

aircraft is the Director General of Civil Aviation.


Charges for other Facilities and Services.

Following fees or charges will be levied subject to availability of such facility or services at the airports.


Apron Transport Service

This service is available to the airlines that require the vehicles for the movement of staff in the apron at the given rates and contact ground handling manager for further details.



The registration fee for taxies or passenger coaches permitted to pick fares from the airport will be determined by the Airport and  Aviation Services (SL) (Private)Ltd.


Thefollowing fees are levied for parking of private passenger vehicles in below mentioned vehicle parks and contact ground handling manager for further details..



 At Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo.


 (a)    Terminal Car Park

                    Cars    - S.L. Rs300/ =

                   Jeeps, Double cabs, Vans  - S.L. Rs.350/=


            (b)    BOI Remote Car Park

                    Motor Cycles                       - S.L. Rs.50/=

                    Cars/Vans/Three Wheelers   - S.L. Rs.200/=

                       Lorries/Busses                    - S.L. Rs.300/=


            (c)    Naikanda Remote Car Park (New)

                    Motor Cycles                          - S.L. Rs.50/=

                    Cars/Vans/Three Wheelers      - S.L. Rs.200/=

                       Lorries/Busses                       - S.L. Rs.300/=


            (d)    Air Cargo Village Vehicle Park

                    Motor Cycles                                          - S.L. Rs.50/=

                    Cars/Vans/Three Wheelers/Double Cabs   - S.L. Rs.200/=

                       Lorries/Containers/Busses/Trucks             - S.L. Rs.300/=

                       20ft Containers                                         - S.L.Rs.400/=

                          40ftContainers                                         - S.L.Rs.500/=

At Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.

(a)     Terminal Car Park

    Three Wheelers, Motor Cycles - S.L.Rs.100/=

    Cars                                               - S.L.Rs150/=

    Jeeps, Double cabs, Vans         - S.L.Rs.200/=

    Coaches, Buses, Lorries           - S.L.Rs.300/=




Medical Facilities

           i. Doctor's charges: S.L.  Rs. 750/= + VAT per  passenger .

       ii.   Charges for Medicines given to any passengers at the Medical Centre.

                ·      1 day medicine - Rs 250.00 +VAT

                ·      2 day medicine - Rs 400.00 +VAT

                ·      3 day medicine - Rs 600.00 +VAT

                ·      More than 3 days & up to 1 week -       Rs 1500.00 +VAT


            iii.  Transit patient monitoring charges in emergency room  -  Rs. 1000.00 per hour +VAT


            iv. Ambulance services available to nearby hospitals and charges depend on the distance traveled.





Security Charges

Airside flight escort (On request)

          First  hour  or  part  thereof  US$  15 + VAT per head, additional man hour for first  30minutes  US$  10 +           VAT per head and exceeding  30  minutes  US$ 15 + VAT per head.

 Following  facilities  and  services  are available  to  the passengers (only  at Bandaranaike International Airport) at the given rates.

          (a) Bond Baggage Service US$  30  per  piece  of  baggage  for  a period of 24 hours or part thereof.

          (b) Left Luggage Service

          ·    One time non refundable fee USD 3 or equivalent amount  in LKR  at  BOC ( Bank of Ceylon) selling rate per               piece of baggage at one time of acceptance  of left luggage. 

           ·    US$ 06 or equivalent amount in LKR at the BOC selling rate per  piece  of  23 Kg or less  than 3 feet in                length or height ( for 24 hours or part thereof)

           ·   US$ 08 or equivalent amount in LKR at the BOC selling rate per  piece  of  more than 23 Kg  or more than                  3ft  in length or height  ( for 24 hours or part thereof).



Charges for Lounges

Below facilities and services are managed by Airport and Aviation Services(S.L)(Private)Ltd. and the charges for the same are collected by an officer of Airport and Aviation Services (S.L.)(Private) Ltd. individually upon the utilization of the facilities and  services.

Advanced booking by logging  in to or calling  +94 112254993 or via e-mail to











At Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo.


   (a) Executive Lounge
    US$ 20 per passenger for 03 hours period or part thereof
Araliya Lounge
    US$ 25 +VAT per passenger for 06 hours period or part thereof
Lotus Lounge
     US$ 30 + VAT per passenger for 06 hours period or part thereof
Silk Route Lounge
     Package Ruby
– Silk Route
     Arrival/Silk Route Departure and Executive Lounge - US$ 120
     Package Sapphire – Silk Route
     Departure and Executive Lounge -US$ 70

     Package Amethyst–Silk Route Arrival and Silk Route Departure - US$ 95
     Package Topaz–Silk Route Arrival or
     Silk Route Departure - US$ 50
     Package Garnet– Executive Lounge -
     US$ 20 per passenger for 03 hours period or part there of
Detention Room
     US$ 75 + VAT per person for 24 hours

At Colombo International Airport Ratmalana

(a) CIP Lounge
Rs. 3000.00 + VAT per Passenger

At Mattala Rajapaksa International

(a) Business Class Lounge
US$ 25 per Passenger


Ground Handling Facilities and Services Charges.


The charges for provision of ground handling facilities and services for all aircraft operating to/from Bandaranaike

International Airport  Colombo shall be paid to Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd.,


An aircraft may be refused for take-off clearance by ATC on the instructions of DGCA in the event of the aircraft being reported to not having settled all charges or portion thereof payable to the Ground Handling Agency for the provision of ground handling facilities and/or services, until all such charges are fully settled.









Full details of charges in respect of above charges and services may be obtained from following address.

Airport Services & Cargo Contracts Manager,

Airport Services and Cargo Contracts Department,

Airline Centre,

SriLankan Airlines Limited,

Bandaranaike International Airport,


Sri Lanka.

Telephone    : +94(0) 19733 2573/2577

E-mail         :

Web Site     :  




The Block Charge (per flight) to provide ground handling services at Colombo International Airport Ratmalana (VCCC) and Jaffna International Airport (VCCJ) are as follows.

MTOW category


Block Charge (USD)
Up to 19,999 KG VCCC/VCCJ 450

20,000 KG and Above

VCCC 600
  VCCJ 700

    Following services are comprising in
    the Block Charge. If obtained more
    than two services, the block charge is
    1. Chocks and Marshaling
    2. Passenger Service
    3. Baggage services

    4. Water service (once)
    5. Ground power Unit (per Hour)
    6. Toilet service (once)
    7. Aircraft interior cleaning
    8. Heat Set
    9. Co-ordination Service
    10. Service Step

    1. Ground Handling Manager
         Phone Direct: +94 112623030 Ex 708
         General : +94 112623033
         Mobile : +94 742418007
         Fax : +94 112635711
         E-mail :
    2. Chief Airport Manager, Colombo
        International Airport Ratmalana
        Phone Mobile: +94 773047661
        General : +94 112623030
        Fax : +94 112635711

              E-mail :


Custom Fees and Charges


Full details of charges in respect of custom services at the customs aerodromes may be obtained from following address:

Director of Customs,

Sri Lanka Customs,

" Customs House"

No.40, Main Street,

Colombo 11,

Sri Lanka.


Tel          :  +94 11 2221510

Fax         :  +94 11 2446361

E-mail     :


Fire Cover Charges (For all INTL Airports)

Refueling standby on request: US$
100 + VAT per one hour or part thereof

Special fire cover (passengers transfer
from one flight to another):
Rs.30000.00 +VAT per one hour or
part thereof

Oil Spillage; US$ 100 + VAT per one
hour or part thereof

Water Cannon Charges: Rs.60000.00
+VAT per event (2 Fire Vehicles)



The charges set out hereunder are for the Domestic airports (NTL) listed in the sub section AD 1.3.

These charges shall be payable to the service provider, providing aerodrome services, appointed by the minister in terms of the Civil Aviation Act,No.14 of 2010.


Landing Charges




            Both Landing charges for Passenger operations and Cargo operations are same and based on the maximum all-up weight of the aircraft as shown in the Certificate of Airworthiness.In all cases, total weight of the aircraft is calculated to the nearest thousand KG and charges to be rounded off to the nearest rupee.



Rs.   Cts.

Up to 10,000  KG

Rs. 200.00 per 1,000 KG

10,000 KG to 20,000 KG

Rs. 2000.00 plus Rs.300.00 per 1,000 KG in excess of 10,000 KG

Over 20,000 KG

Rs. 5000.00 plus    Rs.500.00 per 1,000 KG in excess of 20,000 KG



            The payment of the landing charges shall entitle the aircraft:

 (a)   The use of the aerodrome for landing and take-off.

(b)   The use of radio and such  night lighting facilities available at the aerodrome.

(c)   The supply of all available  information as to routes and weather conditions.

(d)   The service of the aerodrome personnel, if available, for manual assistance in guiding,

       housing or parking the aircraft.


Payment of Charges


Landing charges is payable at the time of using the aerodrome or in case of regular users approved by Director General of Civil Aviation on demand at the end of such calendar month in respect of charges accruing in the month.

Notwithstanding the provisions of item (a) of paragraph 3.1.5 below, aircraft operated by the Armed Forces and aircraft in the use of the Government of Sri Lanka, where such aircraft are engaged in the carriage of passengers and cargo for hire or for reward shall pay charges mentioned in paragraph 3.1.1 whenever applicable.



All Training flights shall be charged  fifty per centum (50%) of landing charges mentioned in paragraph 3.1.1.




(a)   Aircraft those operated by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

(b)    Foreign military aircraft.

(c)   Test flights during the hours of day light when prior notice is given to DGCA.

(d)   Civil aircraft owned and operated by a foreign government when on a purely non-commercial flight and its     passengers consist entirely of officials or representatives of the government concerned traveling on official  business.

(e)  Private owners of Sri Lanka  registered aircraft are entitled to free landing facilities only at their home  aerodromes in Sri Lanka provided such machines are not used for commercial purposes.

 (f)  Training flights in daylight by an air transport undertaking for its own personnel or by a private pilot to  secure endorsements on his licence when exceeding two landings on the same day will be charged as for  two landings.

 (g)   Aircraft engaged in emergency, search and rescue and  humanitarian purposes.


Parking, Housing and Terminal Charges



(a)  Parking Charges

                    Ten per centum (10%) of the landing charge for each period of three (03) hours or part

                     thereof in excess of the first three (03) hours of parking.

            (b)  Housing Charges

                     Fifty per centum (50%) of the landing charge for each complete twenty-four hours (24 Hrs)

                     and part thereof.

            (c)  Terminal Charges

                     Five per centum (5%) of the landing charge levied.



Payment of charges shall be made at the time of using the aerodrome. In case of regular users approved by DGCA on demand, at the end of the calendar month charges incurred during that month.



Refer paragraph 3.1.4



(a)   Military aircraft.

(b)   Civil aircraft owned and operated by a foreign government when on a purely non-commercial flight and its passengers consists entirely of officials or representatives of the government concerned traveling on official business.

(c)  Private owner of Sri Lanka registered aircraft may be provided with free hanger facilities as may be available   at the time subject to the conditions that aircraft for which a charge is to be levied and / or aircraft of   subsidized flying training establishments are given preference.Subsidized flying training establishments  are   subject to the same conditions.



Passenger Services Charges


The persons embarking from RATMALANA/Colombo Intl. Airport Ratmalana , or KANKASANTHURAI/ Jaffna Intl. Airport to a destination within Sri Lanka, will be levied S.L. Rs.50.00 and for all other aerodromes will be levied S.L. Rs.25.00.



            (a)  Children under 2 years of age.

            (b)  Any member of operating crew of the aircraft who is on duty.

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