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BIA power outage due to faulty power cable - AASL

November 09, 2019

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited (AASL) has reported that a power outage at the Bandaranaike International Airport which occurred on Saturday morning.


The power failure affected the airport’s operations for a short while, but AASL’s workers were able to locate the fault and restore power to the airport within 28 minutes. They identified the cause of the problem was a 40 km long high tension power cable ring installed 30 years ago, which is central to the BIA’s electrical system.


It is noted that the power system, which is now over 30 years old, is scheduled for upgrade by 2020, under Phase 2-Stage II, Package A of the airport’s overall development project, which is being implemented with funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


The ASSL confirms that BIA’s operations had returned to normal.


The management of AASL apologizes to the passengers and all airport users for the inconvenienced caused.