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Forum to Revisit the Strategic Plan of AASL

December 18, 2018

In order to re-visit all key important components starting from Vision and Mission up to Action plans where AASL's future direction is crafted to achieve sustainable business success, a Strategic Planning Forum was held recently at BIA premises.  The Board of Directors of AASL and Senior Management Team participated in this Brain Storming session which took place on 06th of December at airport premises. 

Director and Treasury Representative of the Board Mr P B S Noniswas the key Resource person throughout the forum and there were two rounds of Team discussions followed by presentations. With the enthusiastic involvement of all teams, the forum got concluded with a complete revamp of the Strategic Plan starting from a new Vision. 

Since further fine-tuning was required to finalize the key components of the Strategic Plan, two more sessions were conducted at AASL Board Room on 12th and 18th December, 2018 with the participation of all team leaders who were appointed at the above forum held on 6th December. These two sessions were also chaired by Director Mr P B S Nonis while Chairman, Vice Chairman and Executive Director also got actively involved. 

The revised draft Corporate Plan for the period of 2019-2024 will be submitted for the approval of the Board and once it is finalized, the AASL's new Vision, Mission and Corporate Values will be unveiled in the public domain of AASL website.