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AASL Launched Its Redesigned and Improved Website.

November 26, 2018

We are very much excited to announce that we have re-launched our company website, The updated website includes changes to navigation, structure, and also has both mobile and desktop compatibility.

The new website has been redesigned to provide the user a real value: more user friendly experience for our website users with information at their fingertips in a more mobile-friendly way.  The main objectives of redesigning the website were to enhance its interactivity, appearance, information content and ensure that the website will be responsive on all devices irrespective of the user’s device whether it be a computer, laptop, mobile or tablet.

The new design features add much more modern look and feel to showcase our services to our valued customers providing more information. The website is easier to navigate through a series of tabs such as flight information, passenger guide, shop dine and relax, services, lounges, and provides useful information links for the passengers. Further, the new website introduces a new real-time Complaint Management System, developed by the IT Division, to enable airport users at BIA, MRIA,and all AASL staff to secure prompt attention to their complaints. In addition to that, it has introduced questionnaire to obtain feedback and measure passenger satisfaction which enables the measurement of satisfaction levels and thereby improve passenger satisfaction on a continuous basis. 

Furthermore, AASL launched its official twitter account which can be reached via

We appreciate all the divisions/units and all other stakeholders for their valuable contributions made by providing required information, images and useful links for us. That has added greater value for our valued guests. 

Let us know what you think of the new and refreshed AASL web. We look forward to hearing from you via

Photos by: AASL Media Unit