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April 14, 2012

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year dawned on 13th April, 2012 at 7.20 PM. It is bound to be a historically important year for Sri Lanka’s civil aviation industry in that our second international airport (MRIA) is due to be commissioned in Hambantota in the latter half of it.

Also, the next stage of development of BIA will commence within the course of the New Year so as to meet the demand for greater infrastructure vis-à-vis the steady growth in passenger traffic.

The pictures show a section of the BIA staff and passengers observing the New Year traditions of lighting the hearth and partaking of the first meal at the auspicious time.

The pot of milk running over is believed to be a symbol of assurance that the lives of people will overflow with happiness and prosperity throughout the New Year.

Expressing confidence that the year ahead will herald a new era in the field of aviation in Sri Lanka, Mr. Prasanna J. Wickramasuriya, Chairman of AASL, and the Board of Directors wished the staff and all airport users a bright and productive New Year.

Photos by: AASL media