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Requirement to produce a medical certificate by all visitors to Cyprus, including Sri Lankans

March 16, 2020

At the outbreak of Coronavirus in Cyprus, it has been decided that with effect from 6.00 pm (Cyprus time) on 16th March 2020:

1.   Entry into the Republic of Cyprus of those who possess a valid visa will only be granted to those who, upon their arrival, submit a medical certificate that they have been tested for coronavirus by certified medical centers from their country of origin.

2.      Those who fulfill these conditions will be placed under a 14-day compulsory quarantine at accommodation facilities designated by the Republic of Cyprus.

3.      It is notified that no one will be allowed to enter the Republic of
Cyprus unless they meet and accept the above conditions.

Said regulation will be in effect from 6.00 pm (Cyprus time) on 16th March 2020, to all relevant parties in Sri Lanka including the main airlines (mainly Gulf Airline, Qatar airline and Emirate airline).

Consul General Cyprus