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BIA Terminal 2 Development Project (Phase II, Stage 2) Progressing to Meet the Post COVID-19 Tourism and Aviation Growth

May 10, 2021

BIA Terminal 2 Development Project is underway to meet the future demands of the tourism and the aviation industry. Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited – (AASL) commenced the construction of the BIA terminal 2 in December 2020 and the construction activities are underway despite the challenges of COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Project Progress: Package A

New Passenger Terminal Building and Associated Works:

The construction works of the new terminal 2 commenced on 15th December 2020 and it is expected to complete the project on 14th December 2023. Project Management Unit  (PMU), AASL together with the JV Japan Airport Consultants (JAC)/Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. – (JAC/NK), the consultants of the project and TAISEI Corporation, Japan, the contractor are working towards the achievement of the objectives of the project. 

“Preliminary works and soil investigations for pile foundations have been completed. Clearing the areas for main Terminal building by root balling existing trees and replanting, hoarding for the construction area, boring and concreting of pile foundations for Main Terminal Building & viaduct (overhead entry and exit to Main Terminal Building) etc. are in progress. Airside construction works are yet to start. Since the development activities are taking place in an operational airport, it requires special prior approvals by Aviation Authorities with operational impact, safety and security studies with regard to the effect of construction activities on airport operations which are being carried out by the contractor and the project consultant” said Major General (Rtd.) G. A. Chandrasiri, Chairman AASL.  

Package B: Construction of new Apron and Taxiways

Under the Package B, construction works commenced on 25th April 2017 and it was expected to be completed on 29th February 2020. However, works delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic situations prevailed in the latter part of its completion. The Contractor has been able to complete 94% of the works and the remaining Polymer Modified Asphalt overlaying will be completed within the next 4 months’ time. Once completed, 23 new aircraft parking bases will be added to the new terminal. 

BIA Terminal-2 Contributes to the Environmental Sustainability  

Explaining the environmental aspects of the project, Mr. Aruna Warushahennadige, Director Aviation Projects/Director AASL, said “BIA Terminal 2 development project was recommended in 2014 under the environmental pollution program. We have initiated a special program on ‘Tree Planting’ with the special focus on highly efficient Oxygen emitting trees such as mango and sandalwood. Because of this project, around 1200 trees are affected. However, we are preserving 200 numbers of trees onsite and 300 trees are root balled. We are replanting these trees at the lagoon area of 11 acres that belongs to Airport and Aviation Services. We commenced the program on 27th March 2021. Further, 1400 trees will be planted at Warallawaththa and St. Sebastian Mawatha and Airport and Aviation has taken sustainable measures to plant 2 trees for every  single tree that we have to remove due to this construction”. 

Mr. Aruna Warushahennadige further stated that for each and every construction  activity such as piling works is  carried out as  per  the  guidelines  given with  the  approval   obtained from Central Environment Authority (CEA) for  the  implementation  of  the  project and daily environmental monitoring schedule done by National Research Organization (NBRO) team. Under that air quality, water quality, noise, vibration and dust etc. are monitored in all areas of the construction sites at regular intervals. 

BIA Terminal 2- Achieved the LEED Accreditation 

BIA Terminal 2 is  designed  to  get  the  LEED accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the  present  design  has  all  the  features  to  consider  for  the  silver  status  going beyond the expectation as it was originally expected to receive Bronze certification. With  the  construction  process  and  usage  of  specified  material  for  the  construction  combined with  the  overall  design  we  expect  to  get  the  Gold   certification  under  LEED  accredition for  the  Terminal  2  by  the  completion  of  the  Project.The project is being constructed preserving 30% energy and 40% water consumption. 

Fly to new heights

Developing Colombo as a destination for aviation and construction of the Terminal 2 of Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) had been a dire need for the country's socio-economic development.  Air transportation today, determines a country's economic power and the successful completion of these infrastructure projects automatically elevates our country’s economic prosperity, by adding to its foreign exchange earnings, GDP, creating new jobs, creating new industries, and expanding aviation, and travel-related industries. Airports play a significant role in branding nations and they act as catalysts for socio-economic prosperity. The commencement of BIA Terminal 2 will be a giant step towards becoming an aviation hub in the region. Sri Lanka will fly to new heights of the globe.