Corporate Values


We look for ways to improve effectiveness by implementing new ideas and more efficient approaches.

Being – Proactive

We act in anticipation of future problems, needs and changes.

Customer Focus

Every action we take is shaped by a relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations on service quality.

Result Orientation

We are practical and concentrate on achieving a purpose/ objective/ goal without being distracted by other situations/ circumstances/ events/ matters.


We maintain a high level of character and a professional attitude and are able to conform and promote the company’s standards of conduct.


All what we do have a valid reason and therefore are readily explainable. Our actions are supported by facts.

Corporate Objectives

  • To improve the operational capacity of BIA to minimize the congestion at BIA (T1) through improved technology and infrastructural facilities during 2018-2020.
  • To reduce the cost per aircraft movement of BIA by 8% by 2020 from the same of 2017.
  • Increase passengers to 13 million by 2020.
  • To increase the cargo handling capacity
  • CATC to be reasonably self-sustaining by earning at least US$ 0.5 Million by year 2018 end
  • To maintain an upward trend in airport performance in the regional ranking.
  • To maintain a downward trend in the contribution towards aircraft incidents.
  • To ensure the Security of International Civil Aviation with 100% Compliance to ICAO document 8973.
  • Pursue Service, Value and operational excellence in corporation with all airport partners by maintaining an overall score of 50% in the Corporate Dashboard Index in 2017 and increase it by 10% each year.
  • To achieve an YoY (Year–on –Year) Growth in aeronautical revenue by 15% and non-aeronautical revenue by 12%
  • Facilitation for the development of a Civil Aviation Master Plan Framework by 2020 in association with associated stakeholders.
  • Facilitating the realization of managerial autonomy by obtaining approval of the Public Enterprise Department for the company manuals.