Amendments to the AIP are made by the AIP Amendments (AIP AMDT) which consist of permenennt changes /additions to the information that is already published.

AIP Amendments contain two types of additions/changes , ie, AIRAC changes /additions of operational significance and Non-AIRAC changes /additions not having the same operational status.

AIP Amendments are published to be effective on an AIRAC effective date and distributed at least 42 days in advance of the effective date. So, all AIP Amendments are identified clearly by the acronym "AIRAC" . In most of the cases, AIP Amendments consist of both AIRAC and Non-AIRAC type of information in the same publication.

AIP AMDT identified by a cover page, incorporates permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated effective date. A brief  description  of the subject affected by the amendment is given on the AIP AMDT Cover page. New information included on the new replacement  AIP pages  annotated or identified by a vertical line or a horizontal  arrow in the page margin of the affected page to show the change or addition made.

Each AIP page and each AIP replacement page introduced by an AIP AMDT,including the amendment Cover page are dated.Each AIP AMDT Cover page includes reference to the serial number of those IAIP elements, if any of them which have been incorporated in the AIP by the amendment and are consequently cancelled.
Each AIP AMDT is allocated a serial number which is consecutive and based on the calendar year. ie, 1/2012, 2/2012.

A checklist of AIP pages containing page number /chart title and the publication  or effective date of the information is reissued with each AIP AMDT and is an  integral part of the AIP

The latest AIP AMDT published may be viewed  by clicking the relevant link on the left pane

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