Airport facilities

The Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport boasts state of the art facilities including the newest technology to assist air navigation systems as well as search and surveillance systems. The single passenger terminal stretches across 12,000 square meters and has a number of dining facilities airport lounges and a 1,000,000 square foot duty free area.

 The passenger terminal will have the capacity to handle one million passengers per annum and has already built ten international check-in counters, two domestic check-in counters, two contact gates and two passenger boarding gates. Once Phase two has been implement by 2015, the upgraded MRIA will further add 26 international check-in counters, eight domestic check-in counters, and 28 passenger boarding gates to the terminal.

 The airport has been designed as an eco-friendly project, ensuring that there are vast spaces of gardens and greenery as well as bodies of water in and around the terminal. Every measure was considered during the construction of the airport to ensure that there were no ecological and/or environmental imbalances that would arise.  There are also plans to source one quarter of the energy needed to run the airport from natural renewable resources to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint.