Frequently Asked Questions

At Silk Route Reservation, Silk Route Lounge Arrival/ Departure

How to do the payments?

Payment can be done by online by credit card or by cash at the Departure silk route or information counter at the outer porch in the Arrival Terminal.

Can you allow extra visitors?

Only two visitors per movements are allowed.

Can you arrange garlanding?

Yes, garlanding can be done at the lounge. But garlands should be provided by the visitor.

Can you help the pax at visa Arrival counter? (whether staff can hand over the money)

a) Yes, Staff can help pax at visa counter. But not allowed to handle cash.

b) Please advise your pax to get online visa for a hassle free clearance.

Where do you locate pax?

At the Disembarking point from the aircraft.

What type of meal is serving?

Refreshments will be served. Choice of Veg./ Non Veg.

Any wash room facilities?

a) Silk route/ Arrival – Yes

b) Silk route/ Departure – Will be getting very soon

Emigration facility provided or not?

a) At present Emigration facilities are not provided at the Departure Silk route Lounge.

b) Arrival Silk route – Staff will be escort up to the Immigration counters for clearance. Since staff are not authorized to go through Immigration counters, after clearance pax will be assist up to the Silk route Arrival Lounge.

Visitors are allowed inside the lounge (Dep.)?

a) No visitors are allowed to enter the Departure Silk route due to Custom/ Security requirement. (Restricted Area)

b) Arrival Silk Route – Two visitors are allowed to come to the lounge.

Where is the Departure lounge?

Please follow the map given in your booking acknowledgement. Before the Departure terminal, please take left turn near the water tank. (Signage’s are displayed)