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DEPARTURE FLIGHT - Month of Mar 2017

Aircraft Type
ETD(GMT + 0530) hrs
  MH176 B738 0015 Kuala Lumpur
  MU714 B737 0015 Kunming
  OD186 B738 0025 Kuala Lumpur
  CX610 B777 0040 Hong Kong
  UL125 A321 0055 Chennai
  MH184 B738 0055 Kuala Lumpur
  FZ555 B737 0110 Dubai
  SQ469 A333 0110 Singapore
  TG308 A333 0120 Bangkok
  FZ545 B737 0140 Mattala /Dubai
  SG002 DH8D 0230 Chennai
  EK349 B77W 0250 Dubai
  9W277 B738 0310 Bangalore
  QR669 B77W 0325 Doha
  QR8643 B77W 0400 Doha
  G9504 A320 0415 Sharjah
  EY267 A333 0430 Abu Dhabi
  QR665 B77W 0525 Doha
  KE473 A332 0530 Male
  EK651 B77W 0535 Dubai
  9W255 B738 0540 Mumbai
  FZ549 B737 0615 Male /Dubai
  KU362 A330 0620 Kuwait
  AI282 A321 0650 Delhi
  WY376 B737 0655 Muscat
  UL364 A321 0700 Jakarta
  UL314 A320 0700 Kuala Lumpur
  UL882 A333 0710 Bangkok /Guangzhou Baiyun
  UL121 A333 0720 Chennai
  UL302 A332 0725 Singapore
  UL165 A320 0730 Cochin
  UL1503 A333 0740 Lahore
  UL1195 A321 0750 Delhi
  UL189 A32A 0755 Dhaka
  UL187 A320 0800 Kolkata
  UL101 A333 0800 Male
  UL131 A321 0800 Tiruchchirapalli
  UL139 A320 0800 Madurai
  UL281 A332 1625 Jeddah
  SG004 DH8D 1730 Madurai
  UL229 A333 1815 Kuwait
  UL265 A333 1815 Riyadh
  UL263 A332 1825 Dammam
  UL225 A333 1825 Dubai
  UL103 A321 1840 Male
  UL123 A320 1840 Chennai
  UL217 A333 1845 Doha
  UL207 A32A 1850 Abu Dhabi
  UL171 A320 1850 Bangalore
  AI274 A321 1910 Chennai
  UL454 A333 1915 Narita
  UL205 A320 1920 Muscat
  UL1183 A320 1925 Karachi
  KE474 A332 1945 Incheon
  UL185 A321 2010 Lahore
  EK653 B77W 2015 Male /Dubai
  UL1306 A320 2030 Singapore
  WY374 B737 2035 Muscat
  QR655 B77W 2055 Doha
  EY265 A333 2110 Abu Dhabi
  9W251 B738 2125 Mumbai
  TK731 A333 2130 Male /Istanbul Atatrk
  GF137 A320 2130 Bahrain
  EY9801 A333 2200 Malpensa
  EK649 B77W 2210 Dubai
  SV789 B772 2230 Jeddah
  AK46 A320 2255 Kuala Lumpur
  CA426 A332 2310 Chengdu Shuangliu
  UL1402 A320 2330 Bangkok
  UL1318 A320 2330 Kuala Lumpur
  UL141 A320 2340 Mumbai
  MH178 B738 2355 Kuala Lumpur


The information displayed above consist of a 24 hours time window.


Every effort has been made to ensure the information provided is correct. The dates, time and other details shown in the tables may, from time to time, be changed without notification. AASL, employees are not responsible for any incorrect information and are therefore not liable in any way for inaccuracies or errors. Users are advised to consult with airlines directly before travelling.

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