Airport & Aviation Services (Srilanka) Ltd Airport & Aviation Services (Srilanka) Ltd

Annual Reports

Bandaranaike International Airport online stakeholder and annual reports as well as financial statements are available for instant download. They are in a PDF format. This material is available to all Airport stakeholders, public and media to offer insight into achievements, events, projects and operations of BIA.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files.


  Annual Report 2016 7,578KB
  Annual Report 2015 3,457KB
  Annual Report 2014 3,388KB
  Annual Report 2013 3,491KB
  Annual Report 2012 18,355KB
  Annual Report 2011 6,712KB
  Annual Report 2010 96,562KB
  Annual Report 2009 5,385KB
  Annual Report 2008 1,627KB